As part of a week of events in January 2021, we held a special screening of 'Hidden Summit'. 'Hidden Summit' is a short film by Rob Barsky about Allan Clayton. It is a story of a 17 year old boy who was in a life changing car crash which left him with a spinal cord injury and just 5% chance of using his limbs again. Beating the odds he managed to walk out of the spinal unit and was seen as a miracle but that was just the start of the mountain he had to climb. He thought he would slip straight back into society. He couldn’t have been more wrong. 20 years on Allan faced another massive challenge when he took on the highest mountain in England.

To watch the film see the YouTube recording below, the film is 17 minutes long. 

To find out more about Allan and his work, see his details here



Full Film (17 mins)