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Donna Booth Signs Publishing Deal with That Guy's House!

Donna Booth is a life-coach, holistic therapist, yoga & mindfulness teacher and retreat host based in the very far north of Scotland. She specialises in empowering women and helping them to connect with their own divine femininity. She is also a cat protection fosterer and entourage to Frank the Therapy Pug! In her (rare) free time she loves sea-glass hunting with her daughter, wild gardens, stormy seas and good books.

Her book, The Practical Goddess, is a guide to tapping into the divine feminine within us all. Would you like to gather your own gang of cheerleading Goddesses? Make friends with your own inner Goddess and learn to recognise and act on the guidance of the Universe. Would you like to bring a little magic back into your life? This book is full of practical tips, tricks, rituals and stories that you will feel are created just for you.

You can find Donna on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram here: @vitalityretreat And should definitely bookmark her website here:

That Guy's House is thrilled to be working with Donna and can't wait to see how her book brings the magic back into lives around the world!

Welcome aboard, Donna!


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