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Frances McCaffrey Signs Publishing Deal with That Guy's House! Plus Release Date!

Frances McCaffrey led an extraordinary life, from Woodstock to the inner workings of Hollywood.

Her memoir, Home, Jayne!, takes us behind the scenes of an aspiring actress's life in L.A. and New York, featuring encounters with the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Jack Nicholson and Tony Bennett, through to business ventures and a role as a star-bound chauffeur. But when a betrayal from a friend and business associate leads to her involvement in one of the most prolific Ponzi schemes in US history, Frances decided to write this memoir and use her life story to reinvent herself.

"That Guy's House is thrilled to be working with Frances. When we received the manuscript we couldn't believe that another publisher hadn't already snapped it up! We ran with the title immediately and are beyond excited to see it cause ripples in the world."

- Sean Patrick Parker, CEO & Director of That Guy's House

Home, Jayne! will release on the 30th of July, 2019 - prepare for one of the most enjoyable true-life Hollywood stories there has ever been!

We're thrilled to have Frances signing with us at That Guy's House, and are so excited for the release of her title!

Welcome aboard and congratulations, Frances!


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