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Meet Sean... Sean Publishes Books


I'm Sean Patrick.

It has been my mission to learn and share as much as possible about happiness and wellness since I was 15 and picked up my first self-help book at the airport (How to be Brilliant, FYI).

I soon moved onto the classics such as, Feal The Fear And Do It Anyway and You Can Heal Your Life and before I knew it, The Secret tsunami hit in 2006, and my life was changed for good.

I have since travelled all over the world learning, training and speaking with some of the world's most renowned spiritual teachers. I gained a masters degree (MSc) in psychology and became accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS) for my work in the field of positive psychology and spiritual intelligence.

I became an author myself with my debut book That Guy Who Loves The Universe and began to share my passion and knowledge in forums such as BBC World News, Mail Online, The Times and The Huffington Post.


The next stage of my mission was clear; to start my own wellness brand that spreads knowledge and wisdom and helps other authors to publish their books. 

So here we are!


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