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Renaé Hughes Signs Publishing Deal with That Guy's House!

Renaé Frances Hughes is a young woman with a deep desire to help others. She has been a professional dancer for 7 years dancing for some of the biggest names in the music industry, touring and performing all over the world.

Before she become the successful performer she is, Renaé faced many challenges as a young and only child. She was raised on a rough council estate in Liverpool, steeped in crime, with few opportunities. By the age of 15, she had already dealt with losing her family home due to violence in her area, leaving her and her family homeless. And at 21 Renaé lost the two closest people to her, in her life; her mum and nan who raised her. She was faced with huge and unexpected grief at a such a young age but found powerful coping mechanisms to grief her loses. She turned her pain into power through dancing, self love and spirituality.

The books she is working on are honest guides, detailing ways in which she taught herself to deal with the pain, grief and trauma of her life, and hoping to share those techniques with others, so that they may thrive too.

The first works, My Gratitude Journal, is a small but powerful book to help people get back to their natural state of well-being and joyous living. The little book of happiness provides an easy, 10-step method of gratitude practice, for manifestation of a happier and healthier life. It shows that being grateful for what we have now in the present puts us in a state of appreciation, allowing any dreams, goals and manifestations to join our path.

The second, My Stress Less Book, is a small book all about letting go of negative emotions; a safe place to scribble and release your anxious thoughts. Expressive writing has been scientifically proven to relive stress and improve mental and physical health by boosting your immunity. By using the book to write all negative and consuming thoughts down, it will leave you feeling relieved from the stresses of daily life.

You can find Renaé on Instagram here: @renaehughes

And on Facebook here: Renae Hughes

We are thrilled to be welcome Renaé to the That Guy's House team, and believe her empowering books are going to help everyone feel less stressed and more grateful!

Welcome aboard, Renaé!


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