SCoPEd stands for the Scope of Practice and Education. The BACP states that the project aims to agree an evidence-based framework to inform the training requirements, competences and practice standards for counsellors and psychotherapists who are working with adults and work in the UK. The project is a collaboration between the BACP, UKCP and BPC. On the 14th July 2020 the second iteration of the SCoPEd project was released, the project states that this new version of the framework has taken into account the response from the members and stakeholder consultation in 2019, although this still remains in draft format. 

For an easy to read explanation of SCoPEd download this pdf document, written for #TherapistsConnect by Bill Wood

This page of our website links to a variety of resources and commentary surrounding this project. #TherapistsConnect is about the collaboration and connection of therapists, we support all voices to be heard. Therefore, this site does not take a view on SCoPEd but will act as a platform for information. If you have written a blog, article or other form of media output regarding SCoPEd let us know and we will add it to our list of resources. 

#TherapistsConnect have held multiple discussion events regarding #SCoPEd which can be found via our YouTube channel