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Our Values

Community -  We consider the #TherapistsConnect community to be an open community of therapists. Therefore, we see you as part of the community if you have engaged with any of our projects or attended any of our events. We also view those in training as part of this community.

Diversity We acknowledge and celebrate the diversity of people and approaches that make up our profession. 

Not-for-profit  We made the decision early in the development of this platform that we would not be for profit. We have a variety of running costs, such as website and software, transcription of our podcasts, insurance and event costs. We rely on donations and any money we raise through our events to keep going.


Innovation -  We are keen to use innovative and new ways to connect and collaborate. Social media has been a key aspect of this for us. Watch our debate on the benefits and challenges of using social media as a therapist, including contributions from our two co-leads. 

Safer Spaces -  Safety means different things to different people. We aim to create safer spaces for everyone who accesses our content and events. We are open to feedback on all of our projects. So feel free to email us about your experiences of our events.

Compassionate Activism - We are inspired by others who have developed compassionate and thoughtful ways to approach their activism. 

Relational Activism - Relational activism is rooted in connection with others. This model of activism has been fostered by lots of different groups. The ripple effect of relational activism can be a powerful force for change.

Collaboration - We are approached by many therapists with lots of ideas for collaboration. We are interested in your ideas, but if we haven't got the capacity for a new project we can try and put you in touch with someone who might be able to help.

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Our values expressed in poetry. 

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