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Dr Peter Blundell is an academic, researcher, lecturer, trainer, and consultant.  He is a counsellor/psychotherapist, a social worker, and a senior lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University. Peter is interested in boundaries in professional practice and won the CPCAB award in 2019 for his PhD thesis that explored counsellors' understanding and experience of boundaries. Peter also won Researcher of the Year in 2020 for his use of social media for discussing and debating his research topic. 

Peter is interested in collaborative ways of working in the field of therapy and beyond and was the founder of the #TherapistsConnect community (for which he won Counsellor of the Year at National Counsellors' Day in 2020). He has also contributed to the development of other communities such as the BACP Student Forum and Breaking the Boundaries Collective (a community that is campaigning for more relational-based practice for professionals in social care).  

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