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Danielle Collins Signs Publishing Deal with That Guy's House!

Danielle Collins is a little lady on a big mission to live a more authentic, truthful and

meaningful life with a passion for sharing her experiences to inspire and empower others. She still remembers the excitement she felt when discovering that ‘self-help books’ were a thing. From a young age, Dani absorbed as much as she could about human psychology and healing, later training in many forms of alternative therapies, Astrology and Tarot. Totally

obsessed with all things spiritual, Dani speaks her truth in a light-hearted yet powerful and

punchy way.

In her book, How To Go With The Flow: 11 Life Lessons Learnt the Hard Way, Dani combines her enthusiasm, straight talking and child-like honesty with the wisdom of an

old soul, sharing her story of spiritual awakening and all of the tough stuff figured out along

the way. The intention of her book is to support, inspire and guide others through life’s many

challenges. It is written with love, humour and no shame, by someone who has been through

the spiritual ringer and survived to tell the tale.

Find Dani's website here:

Or follow her on Youtube, Instagram or Facebook here: @myspiritualpursuits.

That Guy's House is thrilled to welcome Dani to the team, and look forward to being spiritually guided from a fresh perspective!

Welcome aboard Dani!


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