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'The Reluctant Alchemist' by Cathryn Jones Released December 4th!

Cathryn Jones has released her title, The Reluctant Alchemist, with That Guy's House!

The Reluctant Alchemist is a magical, fictionalised memoir channelled by the author - playful witch and spiritual coach, Cathryn Jones - along with the help of Cathryn’s Upaguru* spiritual guide, Lila Das.

The Reluctant Alchemist is one woman’s story of finding the power that resides in each and every one of us. It tells the story of Morgan Gardiner, whose life is turned upside down after an encounter with a stranger. She is then forced to harness daunting new powers and confront her demons in order to save her little girl... but can she do it in time?

'What if magic is real? What if in order to save your daughter's life you had to forget everything you think is true and trust in an unseen world?'

This title is out NOW (as of the 4th of December, 2020). Find it on Amazon, Waterstones, and with many other booksellers worldwide!

About Cathryn

Cathryn Jones is a therapist specialising in trauma transformation and transcension, a meditation guide, author, coach, mother and former trailing spouse. It is her prayer that this story will ignite an inner knowing in her readers, leading to their own discoveries of the magic that lies dormant within. Originally from New Orleans, she has lived all over the world and currently resides in the mountains of Southern California with her daughter, son and their dog, Ollie.

She can be found on her website here:

Congratulations on this release, Cathryn!


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