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Dr. Kerstin Joost Signs Publishing Deal with That Guy's House!

Born in Germany, Dr. Kerstin Joost earned her PhD in medicine in Hamburg and then went to Switzerland to live with her future husband. It only took her a few years to realize that she did not feel at home in academic medicine – and that she could not adapt to a life in the Swiss mountains either.

During an intense phase of suffering, she was guided to travel to Sri Lanka and take ayurvedic treatments. Kerstin immediately fell in love with the local people, their open smiles and shining eyes, and felt that she belonged there.

“Please Buddha, help me to find a way to live in Sri Lanka! It feels like home to me!” Every time Kerstin would spend time on this tropical island, she would send these prayers to the heavens, and offer lotus flowers, to make her wish come true. When she was offered a job in an ayurvedic hotel it seemed like her prayers had been answered. The time that followed brought deep emotions, a lot of confusion and felt more like a nightmare. Today, she embraces this painful episode as an initiation on her life path.

Sri Lanka Calling is an autobiographic novel about Kerstin's life. Being highly sensitive, she got deeply hurt when she opened her heart in the search for approval and love. Not willing to spend the rest of her life in victim mode, she rose from the ashes of her life and started from scratch. Practicing forgiveness helped her to heal and start a new life as a spiritual teacher and coach.

With her book, Kerstin wants to inspire people to not judge themselves, but to see all experiences from a higher perspective, and as a chance to grow. She teaches that we are all guided on our way to the light and there are no failures, only experiences! Through this, Kerstin finally found home – which is the peace and light inside her. She then succeeded in writing an inspiring book with a tropical breeze and the light smell of curry.

You can find Kerstin on Facebook here:

Her website is currently available in German, though she would really love to inspire you in English, too:

That Guy's House is thrilled to have Kerstin signing with us, and cannot wait for her teachings on how to refrain from judgement and learn to grow through forgiveness and healing.

Welcome aboard, Kerstin!

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