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Eloise Allen Signs Publishing Deal with That Guy's House!

Eloise Allen grew up in the Cotswolds, the youngest of three children, and, after finishing her A-levels, was at an impasse.

'I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted to be, let alone what I wanted to do.'

She went to study at The University of Manchester in Autumn 2019, but dropped out after a few months as she was fighting a losing battle against her own mind.

'I sought help in a therapeutic community to put my past to rest.'

Then, in late 2020, moved to Bristol to start training to become a Yoga teacher. She now tries to use Yoga as a day-to-day philosophy; to connect with her body, and to deepen her inner awareness.

She finds peace in nature, and excitement in running, and learning new skills - she is currently learning Makaton, and values the time spent with friends who she can grow alongside.

'I rediscovered my love of writing in 2020, and I am passionate about how, with words, I see each reader take something different. I believe perception is a truly remarkable human art, and I have been inspired by the work of Bessel van der Kolk, Brené Brown, Peter Levine, Pia Mellody and many more authors, therapists and friends, who have helped guide me in my own self-reflection and healing journey.'

Eloise's book, Embracing My Humanness (provisional title), is about transformation not being linear, but rather, messy and complex. It’s one step forward and twenty steps back, and three steps to the right... and then another to the left.

It is based on Eloise's own individual pursuit of human fallibility, and the writing is reflective of shared experiences and recovery from childhood trauma, as well as life’s ongoing search for meaning, purpose and self-acceptance. Her poetry seeks to emulate this journey: as something fluid, and ever evolving; a living entity.

'I am learning, as I embrace my humanness, the value of individual perception and one’s reality: its flaws, its limitations, and its beauty in its depth, in spite of these shortcomings.

I can be both and, instead of either or. And this, a personal story of emotional, body, mental, and spiritual healing, I want to share with my readers.'

You can find Eloise on Instagram here: @wordswitheloise

We are excited to welcome Eloise to the That Guy's House team, and look forward to her poetical journey of humanness!

Welcome aboard, Eloise!


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