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Helen Ferrara Signs Publishing Deal with That Guy's House!

Helen Ferrara passionately believes that life can be lived as an amazing adventure of discovery where we can express our true colours. Since 1985 she has supported individuals and groups as a mentor, tutor, editor, teacher, and facilitator, helping them tap into their creativity and be authentic. Now, ten years after finishing a PhD on creativity, which she researched from a holistic perspective, Helen feels the time has come to share more widely the findings that she has practised to great success.

Helen’s book, with the working title of Stepping into Creativity, holds creativity to be both the primary and ultimate potential that we all share as humans. By encouraging reflection, it seeks wholeness through the connection of the personal to the social, and the scholarly to lived experience. Essentially, her book is an invitation to forge a new and deeper understanding of creativity, and nurture it in yourself and others.

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That Guy's House is thrilled to be working with Helen, and is looking forward to seeing her teachings inspire people to find creativity and tap into their true potential.

Welcome aboard Helen!


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