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Hilary Lewin Signs Publishing Deal with That Guy's House!

Hilary Lewin is a loud and proud, post menopausal woman, international therapist and teacher. As an Arvigo® Therapist she began to change lives as she connected women to their wombs. From young women at the start of menstruation, through fertility journeys which do not always end with a baby, and to those that arrive at the threshold of peri menopause and beyond, Hilary is there to inspire, support and encourage.

Her debut book, Your Brilliant and Bloodless Revolution, is in response to all those who have been asking for one for over a decade and proof that fertility does not end with your last period. This book will inspire and guide you to the opposite shores of post menopause where you can dig deep and uncover your own shining diamond and become the light to guide others safely in to shore. Funny, inspiring and just enough fact to keep it off the fiction shelves - If you are in your 40's you are going on a journey and Hilary is on hand with a list of essential reads and things to pack.

Hilary says about the book;

"'Your Brilliant Bloodless revolution' is the book I needed to read when I turned 40. Turn the pages and learn that peri menopause starts much sooner than you think. Truth - you can still get pregnant, party and pull an all nighter but your 40's or onwards is when peri menopause bites."

We're thrilled to have Hilary signing with us at That Guy's House, and couldn't be more excited to see what Hilary creates on this daring and wonderful adventure.

Welcome aboard, Hilary!


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