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Jacquelyn Armour signs Publishing Deal with That Guy's House

Jacquelyn Armour has signed a Publishing Deal with That Guy's House for her travel memoir Follow Your Joy

Jacquelyn is generally curious about life and has always been keen book worm. She is a modern-day explorer, who has been fortunate to travel to 90 countries - mainly on her own!

She is an expert at joining the dots of travel, life, and stories from around the world.

‘I believe when your eyes and mind are open you receive more from the world.’

As a lover of travelling, Jacquelyn is constantly inspired by other peoples stories shared on her travels, world history, and the possibility of what could be - living by the philosophy 'you get from the world what you put into to it'.

She believes each country is the stepping stone to the next, but in its own right a wonder. By following the feeling of joy, the universe will reward you with some fascinating experiences. We all think the outcome we seek is the destination or the goal, but in fact, it is the journey we take when we do the things that bring us joy.

In 2020, she was lucky to spend nine weeks exploring Europe and managed to visit country number ninety - San Marino. She embraced the space, and quiet, of the second half of 2020 to reflect on her life so far, that summer in Europe and all the countries she has been fortunate to explore a little. She felt guided to share with you, some of her travel tales and the experiences that have guided and influenced her life.

Follow Your Joy' shares stories of the world through the eyes of someone who has wandered the streets of 90 countries. It is a ode to learning about yourself and discovering the joy of life along the way. Jacquelyn truly believes that she found more than one person could imagine and now she wants to share it with you.

That Guy's House are thrilled to welcome Jacquelyn to our team of inspiring authors and truly believe that this book will inspire women to travel the world!


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