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Jen Clements Signs Publishing Deal with That Guy's House!

Jen Clements has signed a publishing deal with That Guy's House for her debut book; a self-help memoir about finding fulfilment and joy.

Jen Clements is a dual-qualified lawyer who, despite ‘having it all’, found herself depressed, having panic attacks and drinking copious amounts of wine to numb the pain. After refusing to believe a doctor who told her she’d be on anti-depressants for life, she chose a different path. One that involves doing the inner work required to find peace between her ears and reconnect with the love and joy in her heart. As a result, Jen has undergone a powerful personal transformation. Called to Life Coaching, she’s now on a mission to help other women reclaim their joy and lead fulfilling lives.

When it comes to her book, Jen is not scared to call-out the pressures and burdens she overcame as a 21st century woman who had not just been told that she could have it all, but who felt pressured into having it all... and them some.

"As 21st century women we’ve been taught we can have it all. So, we attempt to do it all. The result? We’re overwhelmed, stressed-out and exhausted. And despite our awesome lives, we feel empty - like something major is missing."

This book offers a solution. Jen Clements guides us inwards, taking us on a journey of personal rediscovery, spiritual reconnection and self-love. She weaves practical tools and techniques with her own candid journey, resulting in a must-read for any woman who asks herself ‘is this really it?!’.

We're thrilled to have Jen signing with us at That Guy's House, and we admire her courage and tenacity. We expect her message to inspire women all of the world and have a global impact!

Welcome aboard, Jen!


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