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Katie Jones Signs Publishing Deal with That Guy's House!

Katie Jones has woken up from a deep, amnesic sleep, and has emerged as a powerful storyteller and truth-teller. The "Once Upon a Time" of her childhood years were not exactly full of fairy-tale magic and wonder. Dealing with her parent's divorce, her father's alcohol addiction, and subsequent death, Katie lived her life in the only way she knew how: asleep. It wasn't until she reached the age of 41, where she came to the sudden, shocking realisation that she had been abused as a child, that she finally woke up. The lost pieces of the jigsaw puzzle were finally slotted into place, and the truly devastating picture began to surface. Katie now faced the greatest challenge of all. To go back to sleep just to ease the pain, or to step into the woods and face the ominous shadows. It was here that Katie called out to the part of her she needed most: her inner child. Together they navigated their way through the bewilderment to emerge the other side as the heroes in this journey.

Her book, And Then She Woke Up: How to Re-Story Your Life, will stir and awaken your inner child and inspire you to follow Katie’s courageous footsteps into the foreboding woods. Her poetry illuminates the obstacles where she fell, where she wept. She will share how she pulled out the thorns, healed the wounds and tended to the scars. Through the embodiment of every character in this tale, Katie rises with the greatest gift of all: the power and autonomy to re-story her life. Katie's raw and uncensored writing will empower you to do the same so that you too can create your own "Happily Ever After".

You can find Katie on Instagram here: @then.she.woke.up

And should definitely bookmark her website here:

That Guy's House is thrilled to welcome Katie to the team, and looks forward to creating our own happily ever after's!

Welcome aboard Katie!


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