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'Love Over Fear' by Monk Coleman Released January 22cnd!

Monk Coleman has released his title, Love Over Fear: A Guide to Peace & Purpose, with That Guy's House!

Love Over Fear is designed to remind you of the greatness you are. Acting from a place of love allows you to walk by faith and trust. The Universe is working in your favour. As the collective vibration rises, we all benefit. You'll step closer to your purpose and contribute your beauty to the universe.

It is a guide to unlocking unlimited potential and peace in your life by using easy to implement practical steps. Its getting back to the basics, which begins with what we are - LOVE.

This title is out NOW, (as of the 22cnd of January, 2021). Find it on Amazon,Waterstones, and with many other booksellers worldwide!

About Monk

Monk Coleman (or Monk Eternal) is a 50-year-old author, transformational coach, public speaker, and 3x pro natural physique bodybuilder that lives in the SF/Oakland Bay Area. Monk went from living a life of crime and substance abuse to living a life filled with purpose and peace. He now teaches and inspires others to do the same by living with love at the forefront of everything, and being an example of what he wants to see in the world.

He can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and he has a website too!

Congratulations on this release, Monk!

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