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Marie-Claire Donnelly Signs Publishing Deal with That Guy's House!

Marie-Claire Donnelly is a 45-year-old married woman with 3 kids and lives what some might call a normal life. She is a Coach, and along with her sister, she runs a successful fitness and well-being company. She has created her own range of superfood powder blends, which she sells and ship all over the world.

She also has a passion and love for writing.

During a visit to Rome in January 2020, BC (Before Coronavirus), she had a spiritual experience where she was given a job to do by God. The job was to write a book which would help the world return to a place of love. Fearful, uncertain and unsure of how she was going to do this, the world stopped, and we were all sent to our respective rooms to think about what we had done to it.

It Is What It Is is a personal account of the many universal lessons Marie-Claire was taught during the lockdown period. She writes honestly, occasionally amusingly and backs up each lesson with relevant theory along with a practical journaling exercises for the reader to gain personal insights.

You can find Marie-Claire on Instagram here: @dreammagic07

We are thrilled to welcome Marie-Claire to the That Guy's House team, and look forward to her returning the world to a place of love!

Welcome aboard, Marie-Claire!


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