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New Title! A Publication in Memory of Bethany Eves.

A collection of poetry, prose, quotes and artwork from the late Bethany Eves has been transformed into a beautiful collection, titled Just B.E., by her mother, Emma Gibbons, following the tragic accident that took Bethany’s life.

Emma, who is publishing the book for Beth, is a HR professional who enjoys coaching, mentoring, practising NLP, and in her spare time is a qualified Massage therapist too. When Bethany passed, Emma felt she needed to do something to focus herself, whilst also keeping Beth’s memory alive in a way she would have wanted; by allowing the world to experience Beth’s passion for creativity.

‘I felt privileged to have access to the amazing talent of Beth’s poetry and felt drawn to bringing all of her art, prose, poetry and rules of life together in one place so that others could experience her work.’

- Emma, on how the book came together.

‘Beth was well known for her empathetic nature, her craziness and, as her friends described her, being the most caring person. She always wanted to help people. A massive hole has been left in the heart of all those that knew her.’

- Emma, on Beth.

Beth was proud of her new career at Google, and was known to love showcasing her many creative talents at open mic nights, on social media, or even just for family and friends. She was a singer, songwriter, poet, artist, musician and gardener, and we can’t think of a better way to honour her memory and spirit.

The book is non-profit, with Emma deciding that, as the book is more sentimental than anything, it would honour her memory more to contribute any proceeds to charity – or perhaps put towards a memorial bench in one of Beth’s favourite places.

The title will officially be released on November the 16th 2020 by That Guy’s House.

You can find the Instagram for this collection here:

And the Twitter page here:

We are looking forward to getting the chance to read Bethany's work!


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