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New Title! Angela Brittain Publishes 'You Can't Love Him Into Loving You' with That Guy's House!

Angela Brittain has published her title You Can't Love Him into Loving You with That Guy's House!

You Can’t Love Him Into Loving You takes you on a journey of love, lies, and betrayal. A work of survival and resilience to ultimately live a loving and joyful life. Going through the fire and coming out stronger. You may very well see yourself in parts of this book!

The title is out NOW (from the 15th of October, 2019), and we are so excited!

About Angela

Angela Brittain is certified as a Dream Builder Coach, and an Infinite Possibilities Trainer. She is a teacher, speaker and author. She has presented workshops in several countries on living the life of your dreams and overcoming fear. After years spent in corporate jobs, Angela chose a new path, a path where she felt she could help people to live better lives. Angela is now a founding member of Project Positive Change, a world-wide organization that promotes global interaction between like-minded individuals to encourage and bring about understanding and peace. Angela believes that across the world, humans have the same basic needs and desires which makes us much more alike than we are different. She encourages people to strive to see the similarities. Love is all there is and the opposite of Love is not Hate, but FEAR. Fear is at the root of all the discourse. Fear disguises itself as anger, bullying, hate and eventually war.

Congratulations, Angela!


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