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New Title! Cat Raincock Publishes 'Born To Shine' with That Guy's House!

Transformational coach Cat Raincock has published her debut book, Born To Shine, with That Guy’s House.

Born To Shine is your complete companion in rediscovering your worth and living your life from a place of healthy self-esteem and inner confidence.

Told from the point of view of your typical girl-next-door Londoner, Cat Raincock brings a smile to your face with her heart-warming stories and down-to-earth advice. Through her courage and vulnerability, this guide leaves no stone left un-turned, ensuring you're yearning for more self-love and healing than you've ever felt before.

On her book, Cat said;

I was an ordinary girl who learnt some key things and now I live an extraordinary life and I share them with you in this book. We all need a boost, we have all had our confidence knocked at some stage in our life, but we can change that as of today.”

Sean Patrick, Founder & CEO of That Guy's House said;

"Born To Shine is both transformational and down-to-earth; it delves into healing deep psychological childhood wounds and also rises up into the transformational field of spiritual practice. Despite her success and acclaim she is still true to her word of being a regular London girl who wants to help people become the best version of themselves".

About Cat

Cat Raincock is your typical girl-next-door Londoner, women’s mentor, clinical hypnotherapist, host of popular Honestly Cat podcast, mum of two, and author of Born To Shine. Her aim is to help women everywhere live life as their true selves.

You can find her website here:

And her podcast here:

Born To Shine is available to purchase from the 14th of March 2019, through Amazon UK, Amazon EU, Amazon US, Barnes and Noble, Book Depository, Kobo and Indigo.


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