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New Title! Emily Syring Publishes 'Stop It, Your Ego is Showing' with That Guy's House!

Emily Syring has published her title, Stop It, Your Ego is Showing, with That Guy's House!

"Why are you allowing the negative thoughts inside your head to live there rent-free?"⁣⁠

You want the new house with a kitchen big enough to host a full-on concert. The dream career that makes you spring out of bed in the morning. A partner that makes your heart sing. Oh and a few extra thousand in the bank would be nice too, but then boom. Without so much as a warning, a voice comes from the depths of your mind yelling in your ear tales of all the reasons and excuses it's simply not possible for you to have that big, beautiful life you want. ⁣⁠

This title is out NOW (from the 28th of September, 2020), and we are so excited!

About Emily

Emily Syring is a US-based creative entrepreneur, writer, and blogger who is passionate about encouraging women to push past their inner dialogue and show up as their best selves. After over 25 years of living in her own mind and being fed up with old stories, she uses her own experiences to share what life can be like once you give yourself permission to live a life you could only dream about.

Congratulations Emily!


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