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New Title! John Bracy Publishes 'The Search for Mind-Body Energy' with That Guy's House!

John Bracy has published his title, The Search for Mind-Body Energy, with That Guy's House!

Part scientific study, part adventure, this book is the most comprehensive discussion on internal energy - the life force - ever presented.⁣⁠

In this powerful guide, John shares his life-long collection of research, lore, and personal notes to reveal the meaning behind, and secrets of, internal energy.⁣⁠ Follow the East/West quest from ancient secret traditions to modern-day practices and scientific investigations to uncover the meaning of "subtle" ("internal") human energy.⁣⁠ Discover how holistic intention and internal coherence optimizes, and empowers, your mind-body potential.

This title is out NOW (as of the 26th of October, 2020), and we are so excited! Find it on Amazon and with all other booksellers worldwide.

About John

John Bracy is a gifted trainer, teacher, and highly ranked martial artist, Shrfu (master teacher), and began his martial art training in 1968. Over the subsequent decades he became a world class authority on both the Chinese internal martial arts and alternative approaches to healing and recovery. Author of Ba Gua: Hidden Knowledge in the Internal Martial Art, John works along martial arts and other athletes to awaken their greater potential.

Congratulations on the release of this title John!


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