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New Title! Kelly Bramblett Publishes 'Alchemy of the Phoenix' with That Guy's House!

Kelly Bramblett has published her title, Alchemy of the Phoenix, with That Guy's House!

Everyone goes through some form of trauma or negative experience in their lives. The key to happiness lies in not letting those bad experiences define you or control your journey. ⁣⁠In this, her debut, Kelly shows that it is possible to heal the hurts of the past and return to a more natural state of love and hope.⁣⁠

⁣Her story is raw, painful, and heartbreaking, but through the powers of forgiveness and self-love, Kelly changed her situation and now lives the life she always dreamed of. And she shows you not only that you can do the same, but she also tells you how.⁣⁠ Packed with journal prompts, meditations, practical exercises, and powerful affirmations, this remarkable book is a guide to living your best life, shedding what no longer serves you and rising from the ashes of trauma into the light of love.⁣⁠


Praise for Alchemy of the Phoenix

"Alchemy of The Phoenix is a deeply healing and nurturing book for anyone who's faced trauma or adversity in their life. Full of great practices and advice this book will teach you how to rise up and transform your life" 

- Emma Mumford, bestselling author 

"Compelling. Heartbreaking. Vulnerable. Visceral. Raw. Powerful. Inspiring. It made me want to read more, to discover how you rose above so much awful stuff in your life to become the glorious woman you are today."

- Jesse Lynn Smart, editor and proofer 

This title is out NOW (as of the 20th of October, 2020), and we are super thrilled! Find it on Amazon and with all other booksellers worldwide.

About Kelly

Kelly Bramblett is passionate about spreading her message of hope to those who have lost it and inspiring women to heal their lives by first healing their trauma. She does this through her one on one coaching and through sharing her story in this, her newly released book Alchemy of The Phoenix.


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