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New Title! Laura Ding-Edwards Publishes 'The Mountain' with That Guy's House!

Laura Ding-Edwards has published her title, The Mountain, with That Guy's House!

Tackling mental health, relationships, bullying, body image, hate, love and everything in between; this first collection of poetry and prose from Laura Ding-Edwards focusses on the importance of being human, in its rawest, purest forms; this book doesn’t have the answers to our most intricate complexities, but it does reassure you that you are only human, after all.

This title is out NOW (from the 14th of October, 2019), and we are so excited!

About Laura

Laura Ding-Edwards is an artist and poet from Herefordshire, UK. Having created her first poem, The Mountain, about her own struggles with anxiety, her writing now has a global following on her Facebook page, Rainbird Roots. Along with her art business and poetry, Laura is currently heading up #TheMountainMovement, a project that involves postcard size copies of The Mountain poem being left in public places across the world for people to find & pass on, as a way of paying kindness forward. Laura is also the founder of; a poetry and lifestyle blog and online store.

Congratulations Laura!


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