New Title! Mary Mehrkens Publishes 'Manifest It, Bitch!' with That Guy's House!

Mary Mehrkens has published her title, Manifest It, Bitch! with That Guy's House!

The book is a fun, approachable method to manifest your desire in a way that works. It's a fun, quick, easy-to-read book slash workbook that anyone can use.⁣⁠

Whether you want to manifest more money, high-vibe experiences, or a loving relationship, this book will help you deepen your understanding of manifestation and secure your trust in the Universe in a fun, no B.S. and easy way.⁣⁠ By the end of this book, you will go from feeling stuck and frustrated to feeling excited and empowered to create the life you were always meant to live.⁣⁠

This title is out NOW (from the 24th of September, 2020), and we are so excited!

About Mary

Mary Mehrkens is a Los Angeles-based writer, spiritual enthusiast, basic witch, and stand-up comedian who has recently performed at Flappers Comedy Club, The Comedy Store, and The Improv.

Congratulations Mary!