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New Title! Vicky Paul Publishes 'How to be SuccesSoul' with That Guy's House!

Vicky Paul has published her title, How to be SuccesSoul, with That Guy's House!

Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, How to be SuccesSoul is a personalised soul compass, helping navigate you back to who you truly are, rather than trying to force you into someone you're not.⁣⁠

As multi-dimensional beings, we've spent far too long developing our mind and body and not nearly enough time nurturing our soul. Whether you're lost in the maze of life, stuck in rut, trapped by external pressures or simply overwhelmed by the infinite possibilities of 'what now?', How to be SuccesSoul is a straight-talking, insightful, funny, heartfelt, and activating guide to help you reconnect with your soul self.⁣⁠

"We live in a busy world that demands high performance, multi-tasking, following the process and playing by the rules. We are left overwhelmed, confused and striving for societies version of success. As a result we have lost our connection to our deep, inner, true, creative and intuitive selves. Our soul self. By focusing on bringing you back to who you truly are, rather than trying to make you into someone you are not, it helps you reconnect to your truth, activate your potential and experience a life filled with abundance and joy."

- Vicky Paul

This title is out NOW (as of the 19th of October, 2020), and we are so excited! Find it on Amazon and with all other booksellers.

About Vicky

Vicky Paul is an intuitive, artist, and writer who creates to activate the soul. Inspired by the invisible space between mind and body that connects us all as human beings, she is passionate about deep transformation and human potential.

Congratulations Vicky!


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