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'Not Normal Things' by Cate McMurray Released December 1st!

Cate McMurray has published her title, Not Normal Things, with That Guy's House!

In a world increasingly full of "love and light" and happy, toxic-positivity, Not Normal Things brings an air you can breathe. ⁣⁠


Cate creates space for you to sit in the darkness, where all seeds need to dwell and gather nourishment ready to burst into the world with thick stable roots. The growth she speaks of is taught from the lessons of her own experiences and struggles. ⁣⁠She leads by example and most importantly, she always tells the raw truth; good, bad and ugly; no filters, and no judgment. ⁣⁠This is the key to real growth and happiness, whatever that might look like for you.

Not Normal Things was born from many years of intense learning and living. ⁣⁠It is said that a clever person learns from experience, but a truly wise person learns from someone else's. As you embark on this magical journey and get to know Cate, you will learn from her experiences and discover how to apply these important lessons in your life. You will come to believe in yourself, find serenity, and trust your own power. ⁣⁠


This book will show you that you are so much more than you can ever possibly imagine, and that you are loved exactly as you are. Not only that, but you'll feel that love coming from each page you turn, and know that you've found your tribe. ⁣⁠

This title is out NOW, (as of the 1st of December, 2020) just in time for the winter holidays! Find it on Amazon,Waterstones, and with many other booksellers worldwide!

About Cate

Cate McMurray is a Hereditary Celtic White Witch. After a series of difficult life experiences, she knew that something needed to change. So she rebuilt her life from scratch, and reconnected with her own soul, which meant that I could finally live the life I had always dreamt of without fear.She loves all things Goddess, trees, sticks, stones and has a penchant for moss and lichen. Horses are one of her lifelong passions, along with music and reading as many books as possible.

And she has a website too!

Congratulations on this release, Cate!


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