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Vicky Paul Signs Publishing Deal with That Guy's House!

Vicky Paul is an artist, writer and intuitive who is passionate about communication, self-realisation, connection and healing. Following a profound experience in her 30’s, Vicky rediscovered her ability to sense and work with energy. Excited by what she was uncovering, Vicky took workshops at the world-renowned Arthur Findlay College in Stanstead and with psychic mediums James Van Praagh and June Field. A former award winning radio presenter, Vicky is also a certified Yoga Teacher, Energy Healer and Soul Plan Practitioner and Coach who uses her intuitive painting, writing, readings and workshops to help individuals and groups reconnect with their soul self. Vicky believes creativity and communication are integral to our spiritual growth and personal empowerment, and it is her mission to help people reconnect with their soul, activate their potential and live a life filled with abundance and joy.

Her book, How to Be Succesoul, is an honest, inspiring, insightful, funny, straight talking, heartfelt and healing guide book to help you reconnect with your soul self. 

On her book, Vicky said;

"We live in a busy world that demands high performance, multi-tasking, following the process and playing by the rules. We are left overwhelmed, confused and striving for societies version of success. As a result we have lost our connection to our deep, inner, true, creative and intuitive selves. Our soul self. By focusing on bringing you back to who you truly are, rather than trying to make you into someone you are not, it helps you reconnect to your truth, activate your potential and experience a life filled with abundance and joy."

We're thrilled to have Vicky signing with us at That Guy's House, and cannot wait for people everywhere to begin reconnecting with their true soul selves!

Welcome aboard, Vicky!


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